Jude was born to Anastasia and Lawrence a few months before they had wed the wedding had occurred because of his birth, essentially what could be considered a shotgun start of the Hargrave family. He was Anastasia's greatest joy and Lawrence's greatest annoyance. Lawrence hated children and while Anastasia hadn't planned on being a mother before her singing career took off she loved her son greatly and as soon as being a mother took hold the ideals of being a famous singer took a backseat to all else.


As a small child Jude was much more open and social, a precocious child that always liked to learn more and loved to sing with his mother at the piano and even though there wasn't a bond with his Father he often liked sitting nearby and listening as his father scratched pen across some parchments. Jude never minded the odd and often cold looks he'd gotten from his Father the small boy simply accepted these as quirks of a man that didn't know how to openly love as his mother did.

He liked Thundercats and Voltron.  His favorite cereal was Lucky Charms and he often colored [i]outside of the lines[/i] because he thought it was prettier that way. Sometimes he saw things out of the edge of his vision - strange things. Scary things. Shadowy things. Sometimes he complained to Anastasia while his Lawrence scowled at Jude for hogging up 'adult time', but his Mother wouldn't let a word be said by Lawrence as she quietly sang Jude back to sleep or sent him back to play assuring him that she'd be there the instant anything tried to hurt him and that was enough for him at the time. Anastasia looked at it as loving her son. Lawrence looked at it as coddling the child and encouraging 'odd behavior'.


Eventually the lack of bond with his Father bothered Jude and he did everything he could to try and tamp down on 'undesired' behavior, he attempted to be more adult and even carried around his Father's old brief case to try and appeal to the man's interest but instead he had gotten ignored or pushed aside and it would put a rift between them and he instead just became closer to his mother. Jude didn't understand why his Father didn't love him like other fathers loved their children and often would ask his Mother if there was something wrong with him that his Father found impossible to love. His Mother would simply shush him and assure him that the problem didn't lie with Jude but rather within his Father - his heart had simply been in the freezer too long that was all. Father didn't have the warm and loving hearts they had.


As he grew older Jude noted the rift between his parents and even noted how much they argued over various things but mostly it somehow concerned his upbringing or the fact that his Father felt that Jude stole too much 'time' away from both of them and this brought Jude to resent the man a feeling that only grew as time went on. Holidays became painful and awkward as the family strained under the yolks of the issues it suffered from and the secrets hidden within it that not even Jude knew of. Awareness of his family situation was not the only thing Jude had gained, more and more the shadows seemed to peek and leer around him catching his attention and sometimes distracting him completely as he tried to follow them to see where they went and usually it ended up being dead ends.

He attended all the best private schools that his Father's money could pay the tuition for. At the start Jude was popular and a vibrant youth a joy for the teachers that taught him but as time went on and the dark corners of his family showed Jude started to close himself off and become quieter unable to relate with his fellow students and even being shunned by some of them because of this no one seeming to care to reach out to him except for the teachers but even they were pushed away. It was not their concern.


It would take a while before he would reach out to anyone at all. It just so happened that it was a girl named Susannah Gamble one fateful day while out in the park.